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Agile and Project Management

Agile Consulting

In the last decade there has been an increasing trend towards agile practices in IT organizations. In a dynamic world, these practices have helped companies to accelerate product delivery and manage rapidly changing priorities. Non-IT industries are now exploring this new way of working to derive the same benefits.

Many companies have smoothly transitioned to agile practices, but several others have failed in their transition or have faced many difficulties while transitioning. As per the VersionOne 11th State of Agile Survey (2016) the top two challenges faced while adopting Agile are organizational culture at odds with agile values (63% of organizations), and lack of skills or experience with agile methods (47%).

Our Agile Consulting services will bring to you a structured transition framework for moving into the world of Agile development.  We will set up your organization for a successful transition, develop your teams and set up a culture of continuous improvement to enable you to reap all benefits of an Agile culture.

Project & Program Management

Professional across the sectors need to possess excellent Project Management skill. Project management skills are life skills. They help in developing structured thinking, disciplined approach to execution, continuous measurement and above all taking corrective & preventive actions on real time basis. We help individuals & organizations in developing Project & Program Management Competency Development.

We offer the following experiential workshops in Project & Program Management:

  • PMP Prep
  • Software Project Management
  • Program Management

Agile Competency Development

While setting up an Agile organization or team, one of the key success factors is to establish a common understanding of Agility across all the stakeholders and teams and get them on board for the new way of working. An effective training approach ensures that organizations do not waste time and resources which setting up Agile practices.

As per the VersionOne 11th State of Agile Survey (2016), 6 of the top 10 challenges faced while adopting Agile are related to insufficient training, inconsistent practices and lack of support for Agility.

Agile training across all roles makes transition faster and smoother. It helps to establish a consistent way of working and a common vocabulary. It also helps to answer the questions which participants have about the new methods.

Our Agile Competency Development services will enable you to set up and implement a training road map for both new and existing Agile teams. The training programs will be role-based since different stakeholders and team members have their own focus while participating in the Agile process. Programs may also be customized based on specific needs.

Programs that we offer:

  • PMI – ACP Prep Course
  • Agile in Practice
  • Scrum Boot Camps
  • Creating Agile Coaches
  • Agile Program Management
  • Agile Project Management

Coaching and Mentoring

Agile practices and easy to learn but difficult to implement. For a successful Agile implementation, it is imperative that all stakeholders and teams understand and internalize the Agile mindset as fast as possible.

Even after training, agile teams face several challenges in the day to day implementation of Agile methods. An Agile Coach is a guide for the team – hand-holding them as they interpret and implement Agile practices – and taking them to a point where they can be self-sufficient and can carry on smoothly by themselves with the new practices.

In the words of the Agile guru Mike Cohn – “There is no end state when transitioning to Agile. It is a process that calls for continuous improvement.” An Agile Coach can help even mature Agile teams to look into their own practices and continuously improve their delivery.

Our Agile Coaching and Mentoring services will help your teams – both new and existing – to effectively implement Agile practices and scale up to high levels of Agility and performance.