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Center for Electronics Systems Research Education and Incubation (CESREI) is a social organization that works on furthering the cause of education in India. Though it works on developing innovative academic frameworks and skills so that Indian youth becomes not only suitable for jobs but also become independent. It has already developed an innovative framework to implement Two Dimensional Bloom’s taxonomy (2DBT) to technical education. It is also promoting its implementation in K12 education in India.

Literacy level of Women in India is still lower in comparison to other genders. Therefore, CESREI has started working with schools across India to provide scholarship to girl students in schools. It wants to ensure that no girl remains uneducated in India. Therefore it seeks donations/grants from generous individuals and corporates across the globe to enable girls in India so that they can completed their school education. Subsequently, CESREI will expand its initiatives to college education as well.

Its purpose is of two folds:

  1. Establish a corpus fund so that scholarships can be instituted for number of girls through the regular income from the corpus.
  2. Get donations to sponsor girls’ education for one term/two term/ year



Only school fee

One Term

INR 5000

Two Terms

INR 10,000

Full Year

INR 15,000


School and hostel fee

One Term

INR 8,000

Two Terms

INR 16,000

Full Year

INR 24,000


Donation for corpus: There is no Fixed Amount 

If User needs receipt they should must enter PAN number in the Form.