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Leadership & Coaching

CESREI realizes that to unlock true potential of an individual, leadership development plays critical role. CESREI helps organizations in unlocking the potential of their leaders through different kinds of intervention.

CESREI has developed a learning framework that focuses on the outcomes for the learners. As part of the methodology implementation, CESREI coaches discuss with the key stakeholders including the sponsor, potential participants to understand 360-degree view of the business objectives.

Coaching Approach to Learning (CAL)is an organized approach and methodology for ensuring that people within an organization transition from their current state to a desired state.It is a journey from Good to Great. CAL is a team-customized, consultant driven, diagnostic based learning to build high performing teams in a virtual world.

CESREI programsare based on Adult Learning principles and group coaching concepts. CAL is unique in that it is a fusion of learning services that bring the best results for groups and individuals. It is also unique in that there is no single, predefined, frozen content that is downloaded to an entire group of participants, but instead, the learning happens in real time, in real time feedback sessions through conversations through a virtual mode.

Change Management

  • Discover Yourself
  • Behavior
  • Thoughts
  • Emotions
  • Attitude
  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Change and You
  • Mind Your Mind
  • Manage Time and Priorities

Conversational Skills

  • Enhance Your Conversational skills
  • Manage Brand You
  • Conversations in Virtual Environment
  • Become Assertive Communicator


  • Manage Conflicts Effectively
  • Build Trust in Relationships
  • Become an Effective Team Player
  • Manage Stress and Enhance Performance
  • Working across Multiple Cultures

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

  • Design Thinking
  • Problem Solution Fit

Executive Coaching