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Gaming to embed the attitude, culture and behavior of Agility

Agile is clearly becoming the norm in the development community.

Agile organizations state several benefits of adopting agile, with ability to manage changing priorities topping the list, followed by project visibility, business/IT alignment and team morale.

Like any behavior change, Agile comes with its own set of challenges. Organizations implement Agile frameworks, but they do not embed the new behavior in the organization or define a shared picture on how all teams should run their projects.

By playing an interactive business simulation, we will bring about the Attitude, Behavior and Culture aspects of Agility and relate them to real life situations in agile projects. Through practice, these aspects get embedded into the minds of the participants and this enables them to become successful Agile team members.

The scenario takes place 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt. The mighty Pharaoh is fighting wars to protect his country. There is a risk he could be fatally wounded at any moment. Just like every Pharaoh he wants to secure his afterlife, and to take his treasures and weapons with him. For this, he wants to build a mighty pyramid and other structures, and you are his project team.

Learning outcomes:

  • Translate Agile methods into practice
  • Deliver value as a self-organized team
  • Set up the team with the associated roles, tasks and res possibilities
  • Manage project risks
  • Resolve project issues
  • Manage changes
  • Stay customer focused and set the right priorities
  • Develop communication and team competences.

Duration: 1 day (12-14 participants)

Target audience:Professionals planning to hone skills to apply Agile in projects